Which pots and pans should you get? Cast iron or Tfal?

These days there are many different types of cookware on the market. One of the best pots and pans on the market is cast iron. These types of cookware sets will last their owner many years with the proper care and maintenance. This is the type of cookware that I use in my own home. I have had many other types of cookware, but I always come back to cast iron. I personally have had my set of cast iron cookware for almost 10 years and they still cook the same way as they did when they were brand new.

cast iron

The best pots and pans cookware set for beginners is T-Fal. These type of pans will last many years with some care. They are also as cheap as the cast iron pans. The main reason that these pans make the cut is that they are a very well made product. I have never seen one of these pans have anything stick to them, even after many years of use. Both types of pan need to be taken care of if they are to last. The cast iron is by far more labor intensive than the T-Fal but the trade off is that they will last much longer. One of the first thing to do when you get your new set of cast iron cookware is to season it. This is done by coating the surface with oil and baking it overnight. The T-Fal’s just need to be cared with by using non metal utensils.

They are both good pots and pans on the market today. Either set of pans will last you many years with proper care. Although, in my opinion the cast iron will always be the best pots and pans cookware set on the market today.

My Trial and Error Quest for The Best Rated Brown Rice Cooker

My entire family loves rice so much that including rice in five dinners a week is not uncommon. Being a dietetics expert, my husband insisted that at that rate, we must take more of brown rice than white rice. Although I can’t remember the jargon he used which was definitely peculiar to his area of expertise, his explanation was to the effect that brown rice was best for our general health. It was then that my quest for a perfect brown rice cooker began.

I initially used Aroma rice cooker which I purchased at $ 30. Actually, its price tag was the determinant factor that tipped the scales in its favor when I went shopping. Aroma rice cooker is simple to operate and was quite fast. It however had flaws including too much condensed moisture under the lid that soaked the rice. Worse still, it produced poor quality brown rice, something that my household could not withstand given the amount of brown rice that we take.


So I went ahead and purchased Hamilton Beach Deluxe. This rice cooker was about as fast as Aroma, cooking three cups of white rice in around 35 minutes and the same amount of brown rice in one hour twenty minutes. Although it lacked a count down timer, it produced a great quality of white rice. I must say I was very disappointed in the poor outcome of brown rice. It failed to give that soft and moist brown rice that my kids so much desired. So I failed, again!

My kids demanded soft brown rice otherwise they would only eat white rice, something my husband couldn’t allow. I was torn between these two inconsistent interests. I hated being a mother for a moment but I was determined to get it right and end the jinx. I researched about brown rice cookers online as though it was my post-graduate thesis. I read a zillion customer reviews of the most popular and top rated rice cookers until I was convinced I could single out the best brown rice cooker.

The next time I visited my online market, I was not only oozing knowledge as far as rice cookers are concerned but I also knew exactly what I was going for, Zojirushi rice cooker. This rice cooker not only produce top-notch quality of brown rice but also keeps it warmer for longer (about 24hrs). It is however not flawless either since it is very expensive ($ 150) and is relatively slow. To curb the latter problem, I often cook much earlier when I have time and then use the keep warm function. As for the price, I feel that I got value for my money since my kids have never been happier.

The Advantages of Using Juicers

We all know that eating healthy is sometimes very hard, especially with all the junk food around us. It is also more expensive and more time consuming while, on the other hand, junk food is everywhere and it is cheap. For me, one of the easiest ways to stay healthy and keep fit is to make fruit and vegetable juices. Since most of the time I feel lazy, I use a juicer. And let’s face it, not many of us like to take our veggies daily. So, it is really a challenge for me to get enough of them but we all need to, as vegetables are the key to keeping us healthy.


Making juices is easy. You just slice some fruit or vegetable into small pieces, sometimes not even that, and voila, in just a few seconds you have a fresh healthy potion. It is easy, it is useful and it makes a healthy habit. Now, it all depends on what kind of a diet you have. If you need fiber, you can use blender, since juicers extract the juice and leave the pulp, which is rich in fiber. A fiber-rich diet is good for detoxing your organism. However, if you just want to drink healthy juices, juicers are the best option and their prices vary significantly. So think wisely and choose the best juicer to buy.

When it comes to making juices, the combinations are limitless. If you are like me, then you probably like to experiment a lot. For example, you can add some vegetables to your fruit juice, or take some spices, lemon, mint or any herbs you like and add them to your vegetable juice just to add some antioxidants. This can even replace a meal and help you rehydrate. You can use the juice pulp to make a soup, marmalade, broth or pasta sauce later on.

My personal favorite is tomato juice. Everyone knows about the advantages of tomato juice, from reducing the chance of getting cardiovascular disease with lycopene to improving your general health. When I prepare it, I first cool the tomatoes, cook them, cut them into wedges, and add some lime and other ingredients of choice. And I drink it almost every day.

Buying the right sewing machine has helped my business grow


Starting any kind of business has never been easy. Ask any business owner and they will tell you. It demands a good understanding of the market and other aspects of the particular kind of business you wish to venture into. It requires the ability to choose relevant tools carefully. Home businesses are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. The internet has played a significant role entrepreneurship and smooth running of companies. By the way; I am speaking from experience.

At the beginning of the year, I set up a home sewing business. I decided to finally take advantage of my fashion design diploma. For a long time, I hadn’t worked because I was busy taking care of my little girl- she is now three years. Well, there are so many things that I can tell you about my experience, until today. However, I want to focus on the choice of a getting one of the top sewing machines. This is mainly because; it is the primary tool of work in this kind of business.

I needed two or three machines to begin my home sewing business. Typically, this meant shopping for the right sewing machine. From the word go, I knew how important it is to choose the top sewing machine for my business. In that case, I did everything possible to ensure that I invested in a machine capable of fulfilling my particular business needs. I will not go to detail; maybe this can be a story for another day. Eventually, I got the right sewing machine and I have got the best time working from the comfort of my home.

Learn how to choose the right sewing machine:

So, what are some of the benefits of investing in a good machine? For starters, it’s been eight months now and none of my three machines has snapped on me. They are working efficiently and nothing could make me happier. This means that my pocket has been saved from the typical endless repairs. This translates to the second benefit. With the machines operating efficiently at all times, it means that the needs of my clients are served promptly. This works in my favor because happy clients recommend several others. This explains why my home sewing business has grown considerably.

I have always told my friends; don’t be afraid to spend premium amounts to get the best of the best. You might feel like you are spending unnecessarily at the beginning. In the long run, you will be glad you did. When it comes to starting and running a business, ensure to give it your best.

Finally, amazing tasting homemade bread!


I have lived in Florida for the past fifteen years, give or take the odd adventure overseas, and in all that time I have not been able to make a decent loaf of bread to save my life! Seriously, the humidity in Florida or my complete ineptitude has left me incapable of making bread that doesn’t taste like it would be better used to construct a wall or hold down papers!

I returned home to England last year and on a family picnic my sister shared sandwiches made with homemade bread and it was the most sinfully amazing bread I have ever tasted in my life. That whole ‘best thing since sliced bread’ concept is real, people! It was then that I decided that I had to do something about the boring, store bought bread my family had been existing on for decades, and I started researching bread machines. Checking out all the bread machine reviews and ratings I could find, I picked out and purchased one that fit my needs perfectly and the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread descended upon my home.

My husband was skeptical, and I couldn’t really blame him considering the bread horrors he’d had to endure over the years, and finally after copious amounts of drooling the machine dinged and declared the bread to be ready. The moment of truth!

Be careful when lifting out the loaf pan as it will be seriously hot, and over time I’ve learned that you really do want to get it out of the pan as fast as possible to prevent an overly crispy crust, but finally, after years of failures, I’m able to make the most amazing breads! I recommend you do your research and check out bread machine reviews available online before shopping so you get the best machine for your needs, but there’s nothing quite like homemade, fresh bread!

Best purchase I ever made!

Don’t Underestimate The Power of The Kitchen Knife Set


Not until a year ago, when I realized that kitchen knives should be in various forms. For me, a kitchen knife is a knife for slicing meats, chickens, and spices as well as peeling some fruits like mango or papaya! I only had two pieces of knives that I used for various purposes. Oh, well, I forget to tell you that I also have one piece of the bread knife to spread the butter. The reason why I just bought a complete kitchen knife set was merely because I enjoy using each of them for various purposes. My mother in law brought her kitchen knife set, during her visit to my house. She loves to cook, but she knew for sure that none of my kitchen knife meets her standards. Once she demonstrated how easy it was to use the right knife for the right purpose, then I decided to get one of so many best kitchen knives set, which are sold on the internet.

Well, I did not buy the most expensive set, though. I never want to spend my budget on the kitchen knife set, that’s the first reason. So, I chose the kitchen set that contains only essential knives. The first and the most favorite knife in the set is the my utility knife. So far, I consider this knife has similar purposes with the chef’s knife. I can use it for cutting and slicing all foods that I want. It is not too long, nor too short so I can hold it conveniently without worrying about hurting my fingers. I also have paring knife that I am using for peeling potatoes, the favorite veggies in the family. I feel good in using this knife, instead of using my old versatile knife to slice, peel and cut anything.

As I love to see the genuine performance of my new kitchen knife set, I try to maintain them by washing it right away after use. I also sharpen each of them regularly as I want to have them in a long span. I can hold each of the knife in comfort, thanks to the perfect handle. Well, kitchen knife set really can help.

I Have Since Achieved Work-Life Balance

As a mother and a wife, flexible working schedule was one of the most 4 aspects in my future career path- particularly after having kids. I had seen how my parents had struggled trying to raise my sister and i. my mum was never home on time to help us with the homework or even prepare our meals. Seeing the way I missed my parents, I swore to do things differently when I finally have a family. In that case, I had to give up my big position in a multinational company when my first baby came along.

When my first baby came, I trained as a coach in order to work around raising her. I have a degree in business management and a postgraduate diploma in counseling psychology. Equipped with diverse business skills, I decided to work on my terms and still have time for my baby girl. I had so much to offer with respect to expertise, as well as experience. What I could do for my clients, couldn’t be done Monday to Friday – during the regular working hours. Another thing that I discovered is that there were so many people who wanted to work with me and it wasn’t necessary for us to meet face to face. Further, it wasn’t necessary for me to work with them during the day especially for the international clients.


The differences in time zones meant that I could also work in the evenings. With the help of online technology, I was able to perform some of the roles from the comfort of my house. Nevertheless, I noticed that I could earn if I had a prestigious office address. Although I didn’t want to leave my home every other day for work, a proper office address would still come in handy. That is when I opted for a virtual offices NYC.

Finding one wasn’t hectic particularly because there are so many service providers. I was only needed to choose an appropriate package, and I was ready. I coach business owners, employees as well as individuals on diverse issues. I must admit that I didn’t know my online coaching business would grow to what it has become today. I have had to recruit an online workforce to successfully the many clients we have attracted over time. I can take care of my family and still pursue a fulfilling career.

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